hunting rabbits

How to hunt rabbits

Rabbit hunting has been a common practice since time immemorial. People have been using a variety of weapons when hunting rabbits and other animals. In this context, you will get to know more about hunting rabbits using a bow and arrow. Besides hunting, learning how to use a bow is among the most important survival skills in life. Furthermore, while in the wild, a rabbit could be one of the most sumptuous meals in such an environment. When using a bow during rabbit hunting, you may experience some challenges.

Nevertheless, when you grasp the various basics, you will be filled with a lot of excitement. You can also utilize reusable arrows when hunting rabbits. Some of the important rabbit hunting tips are as follows:

Always Find the Hidden Sources of Food 

For effective rabbit hunting, you must be knowledgeable about where the animals get their food. You must be knowledgeable about the hidden sources of food. You must look for places that are filled with vegetables, green plants, and weeds. Even if you do not find the rabbits at such a place, you will have to wait till they come to feed. In such an instance, you must be aware of the feeding patterns used by the rabbits. Most of the time, rabbits usually feed in the morning when the sun is rising. When you arrive at the spot where the rabbits are feeding, you have a better chance of having a clean shot at the rabbits as they feed.

You must be Patient 

When practicing bow hunting, patience must be one of your virtues. At times, rabbit hunting can be likened to fishing. You must use bait while waiting for the prey. Always maintain a steady pace when looking for the prey. You must make 10-18 steps before surveying your environment.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Using a bow is not as easy especially when hunting. You must also have the perfect bow when engaging in a hunting escapade. One of the best bows to use is the PSE coyote recurve bow. After perfecting your archery skills, you can also hit the prey when shooting from a long distance. To perfect your skills, you must practice for long. When you become a skilled archer, you can set the arrow, aim and release in a few seconds. You must also learn about how to shoot in different positions while in the wild.

You Should Go Vertical 

When walking on level ground, the hunting exercise seems easier. Nevertheless, you can maximize your chances of killing your prey when climbing a mountain or a hill.

Ensure that Your Presence is not noticeable 

A rabbit is a swift creature, and it may run away in the slightest hint that there is a predator within the environment. You must train on how to conceal your presence. Also, ensure that your arms or face are not visible. Additionally, do not make use of perfumes or anything that may alter your scent while in the wild. Obstacles such as flowers should be avoided since they may affect your aim. The best time to hunt for a rabbit is when the weather is cold, cloudy, and damp. A morning filled with fog may also be preferable. Such periods allow you to sneak on the rabbits stealthily and you will also get a good shot.

Being knowledgeable about hunting rabbits with a recurve bow might come in handy especially in the survival skills that you have. You can make use of recurve bows such as the PSE coyote. When it comes to hunting, you must maintain that everything has a learning curve.

The TecTecTec Review You Were Waiting For

The TecTecTec VPro500 Golf rangefinder is no joke. This is why, it is our duty today to talk about this unit. We got so many requests to talk about this rangefinder that it is not funny anymore.

Anyway, now that I have time today, I will probably go ahead and talk about this unit. The review is heavily inspired from Honest Golfers. A website that talks about golf equipments. However, they didn’t show you the true picture. They only focused on the positives where I will be focusing on the negatives.

My experience says that if you focus on the negatives of a product, the chance is very high that you will end up taking the right decision. When we are looking for a decent golf rangefinder, we all know that the competition is out there and there are more than enough options for us to choose from.

That also tells us something else.

It tells us that as there are a lot of competition, many will probably over promise and under deliver. Our goal now is to find out whether this TecTecTec unit is one of those or not.

Let’s begin.

The first negative which I think is the most important one is the shake that this rangefinder offers. It is terrible to see that this rangefinder will not give you stability that you are looking for. Yes, this is true. You will have to be in a very standard position without changing yourself much to have a solid reading of the range with this unit.

Though finding accurate range with standard stability is something that every rangefinder lacks at this moment, however, it is a sad pity that TecTecTec couldn’t do better being one of the premium members in this game.

The second thing that I would worry about is the May Fog. Once again, this rangefinder is not the only culprit in this game but this is certainly a top notch one that promises a lot of stuff. Therefore, our expectation is also high from a rangefinder like this one and when it doesn’t offer that in terms of results, we definitely talk about it too.

Before we end this review, it wouldn’t be wise if we at least not touch the positives that this unit has to offer. The first positive that I would definitely consider worth noticing is the lightweight that the unit has. It is tough to find a rangefinder so powerful, yet, that lightweight. The lightweight nature is definitely what’s making this unit worth purchasing.

The next thing is that this rangefinder actually went through the trouble to make it tournament legal meaning if you are using this unit in a tournament, you would not have to get a special permission as the unit works fine as it is. These two are the most important benefits I would say when it comes to working with a rangefinder.

All in all, this is actually something that is worth reviewing. Considering all the negatives, I would still say it is a good unit to go for. Simply because there is not a better option at around this price range.

Benefit of Drinking Water Regularly

Water is known to be the main component in the human body, the latter containing atleast 55 to 78 percent of water. It is known for having no calories, no fat, sugar and carbohydrates so the consumption of water has a number of health benefits. Consuming water every day plays a really important role in keeping the body healthy as according to a study, 10 glasses of water everyday help to keep the body moving. It keeps the body hydrated and is necessary for the proper functioning of every cell in the body.  If one doesn’t have enough water then it can lead to constipation, asthma, hypertension, allergy and migraine.

How is water beneficial?

Water not only has a positive effect on the body but also on the skin and the hair; here are the benefits that drinking of water has:

  • Water helps in removing toxins from the body, which in a way helps in cleansing the body. It carries oxygen and nutrients which help in removing toxins and dead cells.
  • Water helps in maintaining an optimum level of moisture in the skin by delivering important nutrients. It also increases the skin elasticity and reduces the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.
  • There is no need of using anti-aging products as long as one drinks sufficient amount of water. So water is necessary for a soft and subtle skin than using creams on it.
  • Drinking sufficient water can fight disorders like wrinkles and eczema and it also increases the metabolic rate and helps in improving the digestive system.
  • Under- eye inflammation is also reduced by having water.
  • Drinking water leads to a higher energy levels and also improves the immune system and also helps in fighting diseases.
  • Less of water causes dehydration which leads to fatigue and mood swings. So having ample amount of water helps in dealing with the problems caused due to dehydration. It also boosts the energy levels which help in exercising properly and also in improving the overall physical performance.
  • A hydrated body can handle complex tasks, as water helps in boosting the memory and reducing the constant headaches that one has due to excessive work. The overall functioning of the brain if improved.
  • Drinking water gives a feeling of fullness and as it has zero calories, having it helps in weight loss and also increases the metabolism rate.
  • Muscles in our body contain 75 percent of water so it is necessary to have water in order to keep them healthy and normal. If the muscles are normal then it becomes easier to exercise.
  • Digestion is improved by having ample amount of water and there are no signs of constipation.
  • Due to a loss of water the kidney doesn’t function properly, so for the proper functioning of the kidney is essential to have water.

So, consumption of water is not only important for the proper functioning of the human body but also for its overall physical as well as mental performance.

Why You Should Eat Fish

Why is it considered healthy to have fish? This is one question that is there in the minds of most of us who have got the advice of, eating fish at some stage of our lives regularly for a good health. So why fish? Fish if considered to be a super food, which is good for both the mind and the body. It is rich; actually super rich in vitamins, omega-3 fatty acid, proteins and minerals, so it is one of the most nutritious foods that should be included in a healthy diet.

Fish is rich in omega-3

Omega- 3 is something that is not naturally produced and it is essential for a healthy body. Fish is known to be the best source of omega- 3 which is why it is considered important to include fish in your healthy diet. It helps in lowering the level of depression; it lowers inflammation, has a positive effect during ageing and can also improve mental skills in children.

Health benefits of eating fish

Fish is known to be rich in minerals, protein and other nutrients; it is important to incorporate it in the healthy diet because of the following positive effects and benefits it has on the body:

  • Lowered risk of heart disease- According to a study those who eat fish are at a lower risk of having a heart disease than those who do not eat fish at all. So fish consumption is considered to be important to lower the risk of heart diseases, as it has hearty omega-3 fatty acids which help in protecting the heart.
  • Lowered symptoms of depression- Fish are not only good for the heart health but also for the mental health as fish oil helps in reducing the symptoms of depression. If taken along with an anti-depressant medicine then it is even more effective.
  • Eye health- The omega- 3 fatty acids found in fish are known to be beneficial for eye health and for improving the vision.
  • Enhance the libido- It helps in boosting the sperm count and also in increasing the testosterone levels. Which means consuming fish helps in improving and enhancing the sexual performance.
  • Immunity boost- Fish has essential vitamins and mineral which help in strengthening and boosting the immune system.
  • Decreased rate of heart failure- It is a super hearty food, which means that there is a lowered risk of heart failure.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer- Consumption of fish is known for lowering the risk of cancer, mainly digestive cancer; as compared to those who eat less or no fish.
  • Blood pressure- Those who have BP or blood pressure should incorporate fish in their diet as it is known for lowering the blood pressure mainly because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish is a great superfood which is not only good for keeping the body healthy but also because adding it the diet can improve the overall health.

Quick & Healthy Ideas For Your Breakfast

In today’s generation, when everyone is involved in some kind of rat race of life, it is quite evident that one hardly finds time in having complete two square meals a day. In majority cases, after waking up in the morning one either skips breakfast to rush for work or has some light food like cereals and biscuits only to end up feeling hungry after an hour. This creates only derogatory effect on the health in longer run. Hence through this article we will be describing about eight quick and healthy recipes for breakfast for our readers so that they can satiate their cravings properly, work properly and also maintain a good health.

Quick and Healthy Recipes

Following are the recipes of eight quick and healthy recipes to make your breakfast tasty and healthy: –

  • Nut butter, banana and chia seed toast- A toast packed with nut butter, slices of banana and chia seeds sprinkled over the slices, it is not only a fast recipe but also contains many essential vitamins and minerals and about 6 times more calcium than you get from simple milk.
  • Oatmeal with egg- Innovating the normal oatmeal, it is prepared with usual milk or water, but salt and pepper are added instead of sugar and it is topped with a poached egg and a little cheese to make the dish savoury, quick and healthy.
  • Quinoa fruit salad- Giving the ordinary fruit a new savoury look, the cut fruits are tossed properly with a scoop of quinoa seeds and added with a bit of honey, lemon juice and basil to impart the taste to satiate one’s appetite till the next meal.
  • Scrambled eggs with beans, tomatoes and pesto- The grand combo of proteinaceous eggs, potassium rich beans and tomatoes and folic acid rich pesto, this healthy mixture takes hardly 3-4 minutes to be prepared and can be served with slices of toast.
  • Avocado toast with eggs- One of the simplest recipes, two toasts of whole-wheat bread layered with smashed avocado and a pinch of salt and pepper and topped with poached eggs is what consists of the entire recipe and has the added advantage of getting packed in a lunchbox and be eaten even in office.
  • Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl- The healthy way to add chocolate into breakfast, a bowl of quinoa, banana and berries along with chocolate pieces makes an excellent, quick and healthy morning diet.
  • Fruit and Cheese- It is prepared by wrapping 1 to 2 ounces of cheddar in plastic, adding 1/4th cup of fibre-rich walnuts into it and serving it with fruits like apple and banana. It is a well-balanced and easy to prepare morning diet.
  • Oatmeal squares- Oatmeal is the best option for a mouth-watering, quick and nutritious breakfast and to make it portable in lunchboxes, the best way is to cut it out in squares.


Hence through this article we made our readers aware about some quick and healthy breakfast recipes so that they do not skip their breakfasts and maintain a good health always.

Benefit of Playing Golf

Golf is a game which can be played by all ages. And what if the game you like the most indulges you in all the cardio you will ever need to maintain your health? Golf helps to burn a lot of calories. It does sound ridiculous but it is true. You have got to walk miles to drive that ball in the hole. Even if you use the carts, you still need to cover minimum of 1000-2000 steps. To get your shot right, you got to follow the stance and swing it big. And the big swings involve use of muscle and hint of yoga. You have got to turn your torso in certain motion to get the right shot.

Walking miles

Motorized carts are trending by each passing day as they attract audience. Motorized carts were originally meant for old aged people who cannot walk long distances and still want to continue their passion for golf. But now companies use to get more customers. With carts, people will be done with their earlier, hence making room for more. People who do not use carts walk nearly 10,000 steps halfway through their game. This game helps you walk miles, keeping the fun intact. If you are carrying your own club sets, it will burn even more calories.

The stance

When you’re playing golf, you swing the ball right into the hole, you have got to maintain the stance. Stand side to the ball, facing it. Your feet should be kept apart as per your shoulder width. Bend your knees and slight lean your spine towards the ball. Hold your club upwards and twist your hip to get the full power swing. Meanwhile, allow your back leg to bend and pivot on the toe. Now when you twist your torso, a certain amount of energy is transferred from your core to your arms and to the club. You need to relax to get the best shot. You can use yoga to improve your swing. Yoga breathing methods will help you smoothen your swing. It will not only strengthen your physical game, but also strengthen your mental game.

Reduces stress and improves vision

When you get a chance to out of your monotonous daily regime and interact with other people in a more playful environment, it will definitely help you release stress. Walking around in the natural environment releases endorphins. Endorphins are mood enhancing hormones. When you hit the ball, next step is to find the ball. You got to chase the ball with your eyes, find it and hit it again and drive it into the hole. You keep looking for that little white ball as soon as you hit it which therefore improves your hand-eye coordination.

Better sleep and less risky sport

When you walk miles on the field, your body gets tired and you fall asleep as soon as you lay on your bed. You get a sound sleep. Golf is a low risk sport. It involves coordination, pivoting and swinging only.