Benefit of Playing Golf

Golf is a game which can be played by all ages. And what if the game you like the most indulges you in all the cardio you will ever need to maintain your health? Golf helps to burn a lot of calories. It does sound ridiculous but it is true. You have got to walk miles to drive that ball in the hole. Even if you use the carts, you still need to cover minimum of 1000-2000 steps. To get your shot right, you got to follow the stance and swing it big. And the big swings involve use of muscle and hint of yoga. You have got to turn your torso in certain motion to get the right shot.

Walking miles

Motorized carts are trending by each passing day as they attract audience. Motorized carts were originally meant for old aged people who cannot walk long distances and still want to continue their passion for golf. But now companies use to get more customers. With carts, people will be done with their earlier, hence making room for more. People who do not use carts walk nearly 10,000 steps halfway through their game. This game helps you walk miles, keeping the fun intact. If you are carrying your own club sets, it will burn even more calories.

The stance

When you’re playing golf, you swing the ball right into the hole, you have got to maintain the stance. Stand side to the ball, facing it. Your feet should be kept apart as per your shoulder width. Bend your knees and slight lean your spine towards the ball. Hold your club upwards and twist your hip to get the full power swing. Meanwhile, allow your back leg to bend and pivot on the toe. Now when you twist your torso, a certain amount of energy is transferred from your core to your arms and to the club. You need to relax to get the best shot. You can use yoga to improve your swing. Yoga breathing methods will help you smoothen your swing. It will not only strengthen your physical game, but also strengthen your mental game.

Reduces stress and improves vision

When you get a chance to out of your monotonous daily regime and interact with other people in a more playful environment, it will definitely help you release stress. Walking around in the natural environment releases endorphins. Endorphins are mood enhancing hormones. When you hit the ball, next step is to find the ball. You got to chase the ball with your eyes, find it and hit it again and drive it into the hole. You keep looking for that little white ball as soon as you hit it which therefore improves your hand-eye coordination.

Better sleep and less risky sport

When you walk miles on the field, your body gets tired and you fall asleep as soon as you lay on your bed. You get a sound sleep. Golf is a low risk sport. It involves coordination, pivoting and swinging only.