hunting rabbits

How to hunt rabbits

Rabbit hunting has been a common practice since time immemorial. People have been using a variety of weapons when hunting rabbits and other animals. In this context, you will get to know more about hunting rabbits using a bow and arrow. Besides hunting, learning how to use a bow is among the most important survival skills in life. Furthermore, while in the wild, a rabbit could be one of the most sumptuous meals in such an environment. When using a bow during rabbit hunting, you may experience some challenges.

Nevertheless, when you grasp the various basics, you will be filled with a lot of excitement. You can also utilize reusable arrows when hunting rabbits. Some of the important rabbit hunting tips are as follows:

Always Find the Hidden Sources of Food 

For effective rabbit hunting, you must be knowledgeable about where the animals get their food. You must be knowledgeable about the hidden sources of food. You must look for places that are filled with vegetables, green plants, and weeds. Even if you do not find the rabbits at such a place, you will have to wait till they come to feed. In such an instance, you must be aware of the feeding patterns used by the rabbits. Most of the time, rabbits usually feed in the morning when the sun is rising. When you arrive at the spot where the rabbits are feeding, you have a better chance of having a clean shot at the rabbits as they feed.

You must be Patient 

When practicing bow hunting, patience must be one of your virtues. At times, rabbit hunting can be likened to fishing. You must use bait while waiting for the prey. Always maintain a steady pace when looking for the prey. You must make 10-18 steps before surveying your environment.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Using a bow is not as easy especially when hunting. You must also have the perfect bow when engaging in a hunting escapade. One of the best bows to use is the PSE coyote recurve bow. After perfecting your archery skills, you can also hit the prey when shooting from a long distance. To perfect your skills, you must practice for long. When you become a skilled archer, you can set the arrow, aim and release in a few seconds. You must also learn about how to shoot in different positions while in the wild.

You Should Go Vertical 

When walking on level ground, the hunting exercise seems easier. Nevertheless, you can maximize your chances of killing your prey when climbing a mountain or a hill.

Ensure that Your Presence is not noticeable 

A rabbit is a swift creature, and it may run away in the slightest hint that there is a predator within the environment. You must train on how to conceal your presence. Also, ensure that your arms or face are not visible. Additionally, do not make use of perfumes or anything that may alter your scent while in the wild. Obstacles such as flowers should be avoided since they may affect your aim. The best time to hunt for a rabbit is when the weather is cold, cloudy, and damp. A morning filled with fog may also be preferable. Such periods allow you to sneak on the rabbits stealthily and you will also get a good shot.

Being knowledgeable about hunting rabbits with a recurve bow might come in handy especially in the survival skills that you have. You can make use of recurve bows such as the PSE coyote. When it comes to hunting, you must maintain that everything has a learning curve.