The TecTecTec Review You Were Waiting For

The TecTecTecĀ VPro500 Golf rangefinder is no joke. This is why, it is our duty today to talk about this unit. We got so many requests to talk about this rangefinder that it is not funny anymore.

Anyway, now that I have time today, I will probably go ahead and talk about this unit. The review is heavily inspired from Honest Golfers. A website that talks about golf equipments. However, they didn’t show you the true picture. They only focused on the positives where I will be focusing on the negatives.

My experience says that if you focus on the negatives of a product, the chance is very high that you will end up taking the right decision. When we are looking for a decent golf rangefinder, we all know that the competition is out there and there are more than enough options for us to choose from.

That also tells us something else.

It tells us that as there are a lot of competition, many will probably over promise and under deliver. Our goal now is to find out whether this TecTecTec unit is one of those or not.

Let’s begin.

The first negative which I think is the most important one is the shake that this rangefinder offers. It is terrible to see that this rangefinder will not give you stability that you are looking for. Yes, this is true. You will have to be in a very standard position without changing yourself much to have a solid reading of the range with this unit.

Though finding accurate range with standard stability is something that every rangefinder lacks at this moment, however, it is a sad pity that TecTecTec couldn’t do better being one of the premium members in this game.

The second thing that I would worry about is the May Fog. Once again, this rangefinder is not the only culprit in this game but this is certainly a top notch one that promises a lot of stuff. Therefore, our expectation is also high from a rangefinder like this one and when it doesn’t offer that in terms of results, we definitely talk about it too.

Before we end this review, it wouldn’t be wise if we at least not touch the positives that this unit has to offer. The first positive that I would definitely consider worth noticing is the lightweight that the unit has. It is tough to find a rangefinder so powerful, yet, that lightweight. The lightweight nature is definitely what’s making this unit worth purchasing.

The next thing is that this rangefinder actually went through the trouble to make it tournament legal meaning if you are using this unit in a tournament, you would not have to get a special permission as the unit works fine as it is. These two are the most important benefits I would say when it comes to working with a rangefinder.

All in all, this is actually something that is worth reviewing. Considering all the negatives, I would still say it is a good unit to go for. Simply because there is not a better option at around this price range.